Tiggadesk’s Cloud Based Business Phone System and Support Ticketing System is a Win-Win

Sydney, NSW (journaltag ) November 10, 2021 – Tiggadesk, a truly unique customer assistance tool based around a cloud based business phone system, mail management and live chat platform, has a myriad of settings and options such as ticketing, e-mail processing, texting, and more that simplifies managing teams and customers. It also saves a significant amount of time and cost.


When asked about this, “Tiggadesk is a scalable platform that helps any business reinvent its customer service. Our cloud based phone system has a natively integrated ticketing, texting, e-mail and webform processing, and a contact CRM that help small, medium, and large businesses save time and money by simplifying how they manage their teams and customers,” said the spokesperson of Tiggadesk.

He also continued, “Our IT ticket management software module does not only ticketing but also manages emails, processes notes, stores customer data, send outbound text messages whilst having a business phone system, completely integrated. Moreover, if a customer uses multiple channels such as calling and texting, our unique platform combines them and presents them in a transparent way.”

The functions and features of Tiggadesk can be accessed from any location using a single login. When a customer calls or emails, the team can see the linked phone calls, texts, and notes made by other team members during previous conversations with the said customer. This allows the team to work efficiently while improving their performance.

The ultimate aim of Tiggadesk, the best online customer service software, is to replace multiple programs and systems using a single all-in-one centralised system. Besides ticketing and managing the system, Tiggadesk revolutionises the business phone system by providing the flexibility to answer and deal with customers from any location.

“Our online PBX phone system gives businesses important phone features such as voicemail, auto-attendant, call waiting, call-park, on-hold, call transfers, and more, all from any location. Your customers wouldn’t know whether they are assisted from the offices, shop or from someone’s home! The PBX serves as a host, and you don’t have to purchase, update, or maintain a costly on-premise PBX service,” concluded the spokesperson.

Tiggadesk provides a fully functional and restriction-free OneTeam trial package, to experience their cloud based business phone system and all related ticket and other support channels. This trial package includes a dedicated phone number, complete auto ticketing module, email-to ticket mailboxes, SMS module, web form to ticket, a personalised IVR and pbx, and more.

About Tiggadesk

Tiggadesk, a truly unique customer assistance tool based around a cloud based business phone system, mail management and live chat platform, has settings and options such as ticketing, e-mail processing, texting and more, simplifying managing teams and assisting customers.

Visit https://tiggadesk.com/ for more information.

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Contact Name: Kah Wah Wee
P.O. Box 1648, Chatswood,
Sydney, NSW,
Australia – 2057
Phone Number: 1300 133 200


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